Luis Medrano is an award winning Designer who is amused by 101-legged centipedes, fast cars going sideways, and enjoys kicking a soccer ball on weekends.
When it comes to graphics for television, Luis' storytelling and cinematic style have earned him recognition in the insanely competitive New York City television market.
As a design Director and Animator for over 20 years, he has a vast experience working with advertising agencies, animation studios, video and TV production in the areas of promos and marketing, production, post production, virtual integration and live television. He is responsible for all stages of TV graphics production, including creative, storyboarding, presentations and final execution.
-2016 PromaxBDA New York Gold Award - "Mets Open"
-2016 PromaxBDA New York Bronze Award - "Jets Post Game Open"
-2012 Emmy Award for Graphics: Animation - "Big East on SNY Open"
-2010 Emmy Award for Graphics: Program - "SNY's NY Sports Local"
-2010 PromaxBDA North America Gold Award for In-House Promotional Campaign - "SNY's NY Sports Local"

-2014 Emmy nomination for Set Design - "Battle of the Broadcasters"
-2012 Emmy nomination for Graphics: News/Program - "The Mets All Time Team"
-2011 Emmy Nomination for Graphics: Sports - "Mets on SNY: Subway Showdown"
-2011 Emmy Nomination for Graphics: News/Program - "Jets Playoff Special"
-2010 Emmy nomination for Graphics: News - "SNY SportsNite"
-2010 Emmy nomination for Program Promo Campaign - "SNY Sports Local"
-2010 Emmy nomination for Graphics: Sports - "Jets on SNY"
-2009 Emmy nomination for Program Promo Campaign - ""
-2009 Emmy nomination for Graphics - "Mets on SNY"